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Introduction to Morris Systems, Inc. d/b/a M-Systems, Inc.

M-Systems, Inc. supports the needs and challenges of thousands of small to large healthcare industry customers. We offer many software solutions including Accounts Payable, Web-Based Patient Accounting, Web-Based Electronic Requisitioning, Materials Management, Web-Based Physician Credentialing, Operating Room Management, Patient Notification, Patient Charge/Cost Accounting, Sterile Records Management and much more. Please visit our products page for more information about products that could suit your individual needs. These systems are modular and can be used alone or as part of a master healthcare system.

M-Systems, Inc. provides software solutions to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Developed from the ground up, our software is utilized in hospitals for power, flexibility and affordability. New web-based applications are cross-platform and HIPAA compliant.

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